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Our businesses include excellent products such as custom wholesale Glass Perfume Bottle, Travele Perfume Bottle, Vintage Perfume Bottle, Mini Perfume Bottle, Plastic Perfume Bottle,and Car Perfume Bottle.

Our Business & Service

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Focused on meticulous craftsmanship, we create elegant and refined designs for perfume bottles.

Innovative Designs

Emphasizing innovation, we offer a diverse range of design options to meet the varied needs of brands and styles.

Versatile Materials

Utilizing glass, plastic, metal, among others, providing a range of options covering different price points and characteristics.

Glass Perfume Bottle

Glass perfume bottle is usually exquisitely designed and elegant, which can show the quality and uniqueness of the perfume and attract consumers' attention. Glass bottle can usually better seal perfume, prevent volatilization and leakage, and extend the shelf life of perfume.

Travel Perfume Bottle

Travel perfume bottles are usually small and light, easy to put in handbags, pockets or cosmetic bags for easy carrying, suitable for travel or daily use. Most travel perfume bottles are made of lightweight materials, such as plastic or metal, without increasing the burden of luggage, which is easy to carry.

Vintage Perfume Bottle

Vintage perfume bottles usually use high -quality glass or crystals, and may have superb craftsmanship, highlighting traditional craftsmanship and superb skills. Due to its uniqueness and historical significance, retro perfume bottle has become the object of chasing collectors and has high collection value.

Mini Perfume Bottle

Mini perfume bottles are often used as gifts. They are both exquisite and not too expensive. They are suitable for gifts to relatives and friends or as festivals. Due to small capacity, it is more attractive for consumers who want to try different fragrance or limited budget.

Plastic Perfume Bottle

The plastic perfume bottle is lighter than the glass bottle, which is convenient to carry, and is suitable for daily carriers or travel. The plasticity of plastic makes the design of perfume bottle more diverse, and can make various shapes, colors and textures to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.

Car Perfume Bottle

Car perfume bottles can effectively improve the atmosphere of the car, bring fresh and pleasant aroma, and reduce the discomfort in driving. Considering driving safety in the design of the car perfume bottle, it is equipped with a fixed device or fixture to avoid moving or collision during driving.

About Us, Our Advantages

We are a company focusing on the production of high -quality perfume bottles. With years of experience and deep understanding of the perfume bottle craftsmanship, we are committed to providing customers with unique and excellent quality products. Based on the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, we are committed to providing excellent packaging solutions for the global perfume industry.

We have professional technical teams and advanced production equipment to ensure that each perfume bottle is finely produced to ensure excellent quality. We strictly control each aspect, from the selection of raw materials to the production process to ensure that the quality of the product is stable and reliable, so that customers can rest assured to choose our products.

Perfume Bottle Material Introduce


Lightweight convenience, versatile in design options, cost-efficient, adaptable for different shapes and sizes.


Timeless elegance, retains scent purity, environmentally friendly, allows for intricate and refined designs.


Prestigious allure, enhances aesthetics, elevates fragrance experience, embodies luxury.

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Frequently Asked Question!

Our manufacturing process involves precision molding, careful crafting, and meticulous quality checks to ensure each bottle meets our high standards. We employ advanced techniques to achieve the desired design and durability for our products.

We prioritize sustainability by using recyclable materials whenever possible. Our production processes also integrate eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact.

Our streamlined production processes and strict quality checks ensure consistency across large-scale orders. We implement standardized protocols to maintain quality without compromise.

We provide extensive customization, including shape, size, material, color, and design elements, tailoring bottles to match specific branding requirements or unique product lines.

Our designs emphasize innovation, blending aesthetic appeal with functionality. We continually explore innovative shapes, embellishments, and technologies to create distinctive and captivating bottles.

Our customer service commitment extends beyond purchase. We offer dedicated support, addressing queries, providing guidance, and addressing any concerns post-purchase, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.